Sunday, July 6, 2008

We left St Louis on July 1, and drove to visit Marnee.  We packed books into the car and sent our clothes by US post.  The three large boxes were supposed to arrive in SC Friday, but of course that was a holiday.  Saturday, no box.  The kids and I have two days worth of clothes and swim suits.  We will go shopping if they aren't here by monday.  

We packed our books because we heard it is difficult to get current books in CR.  The less-new books seem to disintegrate during the rainy season (May-December).  You couldn't turn the pages on one book I looked at from a friend's library in CR- the pages were all stuck together. Little black dots of mold were growing on the page edges.  I guess everything tries to recycle ASAP in CR's tropical climate. 

So tonight we divide up the books to decide which will travel with us on the first flight out of the US.  We certainly can't take them all.  We'll return to the states every couple of months to check on Marnee, who just turned 86.  We're hoping she'll come to see us and spend a couple of months.  Not likely during the rainy season.  The car will be parked in the garage in SC.  Don't get any ideas, Marnee.  Your license has long ago expired.

We depart from SAV to head to CR on July 9.  I'll work on getting photos.


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